The Church of our Fathers (Poem)

The Church of our Fathers? So dear to our souls,
Ay, dear as the life-blood within us that rolls?
We'll rally around her, by dangers unaw'd-
The Church of Our Fathers! The Church of our God!
Built on the Apostles and Prophets alone-
On Jesus, the Saviour, and Chief Corner-Stone:
The winds may arise, and er prospects deform,
She fears not the tempest, she dreads not the storm.
From the Church of our Fathers we'll never depart:
She's entwined round each fibre, each nerve of our heart!
The Church of our Fathers! Our glory and crown,
We will unimpair'd to our children hand down.

[Poem taken from "Church of our Fathers" by the Rev. Albert E. Clark]